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El gigante estadounidense de la electrónica Apple confirmó este jueves que había retirado la aplicación del New York Times de la versión china de su tienda en línea, mientras que el sitio web del diario lleva bloqueado en China varios años.

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No, Apple hasn't said it will share an iPhone 5s 'fingerprint database' with the NSA | Technology |

No, Apple hasn’t said it will share an iPhone 5s ‘fingerprint database’ with the NSA | Technology |

Just because a right-wing ‘satire’ site writes something about the iPhone 5s, that doesn’t make it true: and the characters in quotes saying Apple will share data are made up



John Lennon fingerprint card

The FBI already keeps a fingerprint database; these were John Lennon’s on his application for permanent US residence. Photograph: Henry S Dziekan III/Getty Images


The latest “oh, this must be true because we read it somewhere” is that “Apple is going to share its fingerprint database collected by the iPhone 5s with the National Security Agency”. Reality check: the article claiming this comes from a right-wing “satire” site. Why are people confused? Because the satire’s badly executed.

A lot of people read it but didn’t realise that the satire site was a satire site. (I’ve had at least one email pointing excitedly to it, and not ironically.) This isn’t surprising, because the thing about satire is that you either have to lay it on with a trowel, or get so close to the bone (eg The Thick Of It) that it’s indistinguishable from painful reality. It’s easy to do badly. And the site in question, National Report, does it really badly. It’s like Fox News, but with the jokes and facts taken out.

Even so, you’d hope people who read such “stories” might think a bit. Or that they might even look at other headlines on the site, and wonder if a site which has a story headlined “Apple iPhone 5s Fingerprint Data To Be Shared With NSA” but also has one headlined “Packers Embarrassing Loss to Bengals Linked To Green Bay Bridge Collapse” and “Taurus Firearms Company Introduces The New Trayvon PK-10 or ‘Perp-Killer’” is entirely serious. (It isn’t actually funny, especially the latter headline; if you’re easily offended, don’t read the story that goes with it. But that’s another matter.)

Let’s recap what we do know about the iPhone 5s‘s fingerprint system.